Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stomach Flips

Africa! Everytime I hear the word my stomach flips. I tried to take a nap today after church, but the word "Africa" kept creeping into my head. I would roll over and toss back and forth hoping to get rid of the butterflies. No such luck.

I'm reading this book right now about a student missionary and her experiences in Cambodia for 10 months. Right now I'm almost half way, and she's about 5 months into the trip. It's horrible! She hates it there! She's not having any fun and all she really wants to do is go home, that's all she ever thinks about. She was traveling to go sightseeing in a new town one day and while on the train, she met a Spanish traveler. He had been everywhere! She tried to understand the man's broken English the best she could. He told her of all the beautiful places he'd been, and all the things he'd seen. "I've seen breathtaking landscapes on the coast of Greece and beautiful countrysides in Florence, Italy that are indescribable."
"That sounds gorgeous!" She said. "It can be so hard to find beauty in Cambodia, especially in the city!"
"Oh, the beauty is here. You just have to look for it. The character and values, culture and smiles of this country are infectious."

I wonder what I'll find in Africa. Is the desert beautiful? Picturing it in my head makes me want to say no. Not breathtaking at all... It must all depend on perspective. The sights we see in America of ideal conditions and beautiful landscapes are the norm. I wonder if I will be able to adjust to this new culture, so I can actually experience this adventure.

Some people think that as missionaries, God does not exist in the foriegn countries until He is brought there. That simply isn't true. God is everywhere. Different parts all over the world may not be immune to Him, but He is there. Our job, as missionaries then, is to point Him out in the beauty we see.

I'm praying for open eyes through this trip. I want to SEE everything in all it's glory. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I have to make it count for all that it's worth.

I heard today that the sky at night is so jam packed full of stars there is hardly a blank space without any in the sky. If this is true, how could anyone NOT see God? God is definitely present in our midst... just look to the sky.

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