Tuesday, March 1, 2011

yucky, slushy, mush.

I walk out the door as the bell rings. Puddles slush underneath my feet as I jog frantically on the trail to the ad building. The snow is wet today. Slushy. It's a perfect day for rain boots. Too bad I don't own a pair. There's almost a foot of snow lining the edge of the sidewalk. It's sticky. Perfect for a snowball fight, but all I really want to do is go to the cafe and grab a piece of cardboard to take to the hills of wheat. The massive snowflakes fall heavily, and cover my clothes. I can feel my hair getting wet, and I lick my lips to remove the melted snow. I walk past the pillars and through the doors with wet glob's stuck on my eyelashes making it difficult to see. I'm covered in white for a few short seconds, and only soaked for a few more seconds after that. I find my way through the classroom doors, turn in my assignment on the way to my seat. The bell rings. We begin another writing assignment.
Karalee Rhuman
Sr. Comp. 1:45
Pro 1
March 1st, and still no sun.

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