Thursday, April 14, 2011

Apathetic Slugs

We're learning about Mollusks in Marine Bio this week. Snails and slugs are apart of the gastropoda class, which is the biggest class in the mollusca phylum, comprising over 80% of all molluscs.

Lately I've been feeling a lot like a slug. Homework is at the end of my to do list. I don't really have a to do list, I do, but not really. It's in the back of my mind, I'm talkin' WAY back! I waste a lot of time avoiding it. I'm tired but I don't sleep, instead I visit with friends longer than I should, or sit at my computer reading blogs to get inspired for the day or look at Africa pictures for the 25th time. Wasted time.

Time is so precious. I've recently been exposed to this concept. It's SO PRECIOUS. Walking around Africa you could see that plain as day, life is short.

Graduation is around the corner. I get sad thinking about it. I don't want to spend my free time locked in my room doing homework, I would much rather make the last of my high school days put to good use. I'm already planning a sprinkler, water fight up at the field when it gets warm enough. Coffee runs in the morning mixed with watching the sunrise and going running. Making omlet's at Soule's house and getting off campus more. Visiting the tunnels and exploring to unknown places. Making new friendships and deepening the old ones. Riding bikes, playing frisbee, basketball, hide and seek, and the tickle monster. Swinging, jumping rope, working out, dancing, and yoga. Korean food, zip lines, barbaques, sun tanning in Soule's backyard, dinner on the roof, cafe runs, R.A. late night parties, movies till 3 AM, smoothies, gymnastics in the rain, cookie dough, and pineapples. Tea parties, store raids, experiments, dress up, picnics in cool places, pictures, and trying that Maui burger from the Harvester.

So I sit here in Senior Composition class, already behind on my paper... but I don't care. Call me a slug.

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