Monday, May 2, 2011

7 A.M. in Swakupmund

I'm sitting out on my hall tonight enjoying the end of my stressful day. Completely drained. A little sore from the 7.68 miles (or whatever it was) I ran yesterday. It's almost 10:00 P.M., that would mean it's almost 7:00 A.M. in Swakupmund, the sun is just popping up over the dunes. Wish I had time to hop on a plane, grab a yoga mat, a hot carmel macchiato and race up the dunes to meditate to the sound of the waves across the way, and do some serious stretching. I thought about adding a friend to my magic list on my way out, but I really would like to go there alone. Just me, in the midst of the vast serenity.
Yummy warm goodness in my tummy.
And the sun on my face.
It's a foggy delusion in my mind I wish I could return to. A dream I wish would never find its end.

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