Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunshine Day Cut Short

I enjoy doing homework today as I sit outside and soak in the sun. I smell the scent of the freshly mowed grass beneath my lawn chair. The sun is hot, but the breeze keeps me cool. I can hear a bird whistle off in the distance, and the trees from the forest rustle in the wind. Misti, my dog, is jumping in circles going after the bug that keeps flying past her face. Flowers are just beginning to pop up from under the earth and I feel so much life around me. The jazzy tunes coming from my laptop keep me in a good mood as I continue to work on my writing assigments. I'm thinking about taking a break and going for a fourwheeler ride across the road on the trails. Or maybe I should go into town, work on homework at a coffee shop and then later meet up with a friend. Or maybe, now that all of a sudden the clouds rolled in, the sun is almost gone, and the mosquito's are eating me alive, I'll just move inside.

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