Monday, May 23, 2011

Transforming Perspective

I've learned tranquility despite desperate matters.
I don't care if I share my glass of water with a friend anymore, we can even eat off the same spoon.
Sleeping in the same sheets doesn't disgust me anymore.
Going a night without brushing my teeth or washing my face isn't extremely horrifying.
I guess gross isn't AS gross anymore... although I don't prefer it, I've learned to deal with it.
Who cares about the glares from the manager of the store when you put on a pair of rollerblades without socks?
Unflattering clothes and bed head hair are the consequences of late nights.
10:00 PM bed time slowly developed into 2:00 AM.
Waking up 30 min before class rather than an hour is sufficient.
I know what it feels like to go into a test without studying.
Averaging a B on Marine Bio tests is ok.
Starting and finishing a project the day it's due is possible.
Winging speeches and worships are sometimes entertaining.
Breaking a few rules here and there can't be THAT bad.
Going on bike rides instead of doing crucial homework actually relieves stress...

Thank you friends, for the life lessons I so desperatly needed to learn.

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