Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blessed with the BEST!

I just got back from my senior class trip and it was pretty incredible. Monday, one of my favorite days, started out with a disappointing burned omlet that no one ate except Anisha. But the second one we made was incredible, so we all split it.We went into town to shop at noon and our first stop was REI and Helly Hanson to get Lianne a nice black jacket. We'll just say I wasn't so much in the mood to shop. So then we went out to eat at Cafe' Yum. It was like this mix of ethnic foods in a bowl, Asian, Mexican, American, kind of like a haystack... It was good! So then we walked to White & Black and I tried on a million and one dresses, and I found the PERFECT one for graduation! Unfortunately it was a million and one dollars! So we walked to another store and tried on a few more dresses.Somehow my friends got me to walk back into White & Black where Lianne was trying on shoes for her graduation dress... and then they surprised me. As their graduation present to me they were going to help me pay for the dress. So I gave up all of the sixty two dollars in my wallet and walked out of that store beaming. I just LOVE my friends. We walked to Ben and Jerry's but I was out of money 'cause I'd just spent it all. So Anisha and I sat down at a table to wait and what do you know, they brought me back a couple scoops of my absolute favorite, Double Chocolate Brownie ice cream. YES! Could this day get any better?
YES! They whipped out the jacket Lianne had bought from REI this morning and handed it to me. What the heck?! They told me it was actually for me. I was SO confused! Then they wanted me to try it on. So I took off the old black jacket I had on, and handed it over for them to hold onto while I tried on the new jacket. Bad idea. They took it and laughed, saying they really wanted to burn it, but it would be bad for the environment, so to my astonishment they threw it in the trash! What friends! I was completely shocked to say the least. What? My mouth was wide open... they all just laughed at me, said they were good friends and they were doing me a favor. Apparently that jacket was:
#1 hidious
#2 collected enough hair to make a wig
#3 fuzzy with a pink inside... too much like a grandma

Oh friends! I have the best of them!

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  1. UCA is some of my favorite memories of all times! Looking at your pictures I wish I was there to join the fun ... :) Can't wait for you to bring fun energy next year! Love you!