Wednesday, June 22, 2011

time for a new adventure

Picture painted by River Davis (Perfect glimpse of this week at camp)

"Teacher! When are we leaving?!"
"Teacher! Why can't we go through line!!!??"
"Teacher, I don't want to drink water!"
"I am NOT going canoeing!"
"I want to go swimming in the POOL!"

Ahhhhhhhhh! What do you do with a kid like THAT?! Can you say, AT-TI-TUDE! Sheesh! She wears me out! The first day I wasn't sure I would be able to make it through this summer, but as the days go on, I find that I like my job more and more. I can't believe they pay me to do this! Swim, play on water toys, run around, canoe, make candles, mountain bike, sleep under the stars, zip line, bake, sea wasp, tan, dance like we're back in the 50's, camp out, worship on the dock, hot tub, boat rides, 3 hour breaks for nap time and normal conversations with friends, can summer get any better? Compared to Silverwood last year, this is a dream! And next week it gets even better! It's not little adventurers anymore, it's teens. I'm only 17, technically not old enough to be a counselor, but yahoo! I'll make new friends easily next week! It'll be a party in the sun! Can't wait for a totally new adventure!

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