Wednesday, June 8, 2011

To a Dear Friend,

I missed you today friend. Whenever I drive somewhere, and I see the next speed limit sign, I think of you as I race to reach the speed it says before I pass the sign. I thought of you when I went out to lunch today and how you spend ALL your money on food. I thought of you when I went shopping and saw those onsie jumpers... remember trying one on everywhere we went?! I thought of you when I looked at my paint-worn toes and how I sat in the nail place waiting for you and Cassie to finish with your manicure.

I don't want to say goodbye. Not yet. Not now. At the airport, when we tried to do our handshake one last time despite the tears, and we couldn't make it to the end, I thought my heart was breaking. It was seriously one of the saddest times in my life. And I know I'll see you again one day, 'cause you're just like that. You say something and you stick to it. I'm counting on that promise! I miss you friend!

Thank you for driving (or not driving) Cassie and I to get coffee at spangle foods so we could take it to Bible and end up with it in the bathroom instead of in the classroom (thank you Willis). Thank you for marching with me junior year and sitting next to me when we graduated. Thank you for, without fail, coming up to my hall every night just to hang out, and help me get nothing done. Thank you for making me all different kinds of Korean food, and making that rice patty soup as a late night snack whenever Syd and I was hungry. Thank you for attempting to help me look for a good senior rec song... it's the thought that counts. Thank you for "playing" spy's with me all year, and "flushing" things (code word) and specifically that one night where we dressed in all black and waited until late in the night to go on our mission. Thank you for not being afriad to pull pranks on all the girls in the girls dorm, (that silly lotion got me twice!). Thank you for playing twister out on the middle of the road with me and climbing a random tractor. Thank you for teaching me new "Poster" moves, and encouraging me, sharing in my frustration, and reading my mind on the court. Thank you for not being too embarassed to do our secret handshake in public. Thank you for riding your bike into Spangle foods during lunch to get snacks. Thank you for staying in my room with Polish or Sunwoo, or just you. Thank you for helping me study late into the night. Thank you for listening to me vent and get angry, and almost cry about nothing. Thank you for helping pay for my grad dress, and contributing to the "Karalee's new jacket" fund. Thank you for my favorite ice cream. Thank you for laughing at my not so funny jokes. Thank you for sleeping in random places with me (or wishing we could) and getting laughed at by Dean T when we slept in her office. Thank you for driving me so I could feel what it was like to stick my head out of the sun roof. Thank you for teaching me (or trying to teach me) the song, "I DON'T CAAAAARE! I DON'T CAAAARE!" and not being afraid to sing it at the top of your lungs and do the finger wag. Thank you for helping me with yucky Econ. Thank you for letting me make the lemonade at all of our homemade dinners. Thank you for being so easy to relate to and understanding where I'm coming from all the time, we really do have a mental connection! jjjjiiitttt!!! Thank you for being my Asian buddy. Thank you for going to Starbucks with Cassie, Anisha, Pastor Fred and I and helping wash his car. Thank you for watching movies late with the R.A.'s in the lobby. Thank you for going on the Sabbath afternoon expedition to feed the hungry and teaching me an incredibly important life lesson. Thank you for watching Jaws with me and eating pineapples... Thank you for talking super loud on the bus when you have headphones on, 'cause it cracks me up, remember? "If our senior bus flipped we would be a melting pot... with some ginger spice!" Thanks for trying on funny clothes in the dress up room with me. Thanks for teaching me good come-backs, like the "You're pretty...ugly" one. Thank you for not falling off that crazy four-wheeler ride through the trees, maybe some time soon I can take you to the trails. Thank you for being a gangsta triplet with me for spirit week. Thank you for writing something random about vitamin C's in my year book. Thank you for being my compatability friend on facebook by 99%. Thank you for going rollerblading with me at Riverfront Park. Thank you for inviting me to your babtism, and making me cry when I saw you cry, I'm so happy for you! Thank you for being the sort of friend that actually follows through with my crazy ideas. Thank you for being one of my best friends.

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