Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kingdom Now

She was adopted.
Her new parents worshiped Satan. She was too young to join in the horrifying rituals outside in the woods, so she stayed at home.
She was beaten.
The day she turned 14 she was raped by her "dad".
She was taken away to live in foster homes, forced to leave her younger brother and sister behind in hell on earth. They told her they hated her for leaving them, but the only reason she told someone about her conditions was to get them out of that house.
6 months later she ended up at Camp Mivoden, cabin G11.
Sitting on the bathroom floor, showing me the only picture she had of her brother and sister, she shared with me her loss. She shook from the hurt. I put my arms around her and told her, "Everything is going to be ok. You did the right thing. I promise you!" Please believe me! God, please help this to be true! "Sierra, all you can do is put them in God's hands now." It seemed like she understood and it sunk in deep. I pray that she can live away from these nagging regrets and live freely.
She forgave her "dad".
She gave her testimony Saturday night at campfire, she told me she knew it would help her heal. She ended it with a thank you to the staff and campers who rather than judging, for once in her life treated her like a real person.
We said goodbye on Sunday. It had been one of the best weeks of her life. She told me she is coming back next year and I am going to be her counselor.

She got a taste of it, and she opened my eyes to see it too.
The Kingdom Now.

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