Thursday, July 7, 2011

MACs, Families, Rain and Such

I just couldn't understand, so she put it like this.
"What's something you've wanted your entire life?"
I couldn't think of anything that I'd wanted my ENTIRE life, but I thought of something I have wanted for a couple years.
"Umm... a MAC."
"Ok. Say you're going to camp, and you're in a cabin full of girls and they ALL have MACs. That's all they talk about. How great their MACs are, and how they couldn't imagine life without them, they always take them where ever they go, and they're just SO great! Now put yourself in my shoes. I have no family. All the girls always talk about how they did this with there family, or they did that, and I just feel so left out. I guess I'm just really disappointed things work the way they do."

My heart goes out to all the girls who tell me their broken stories. I hope they realize just how much hope and restoration God can offer them. Oh healing rain, pour down, and don't hold back.

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