Monday, August 15, 2011


I turned my ipod on the loud speakers today in the dish room. The first song was "Oh What a Day" by Ingrid Michaelson. It's a quieter song, not a whole lot of background music, just a soft voice. Andrea and Bryan peaked their head inside the corner at the same time just to take a look. They thought I was singing. Ha! I laughed and came out singing and dancing pretending to be Cinderella.
But then I headed back to finish up the dishes.
Boy, I felt like Cinderella.
The dishes never end. Just when you think you're about done, the kitchen brings more from the preparation for the next meal. It almost feels like you've accomplished nothing for the longest time. I'm always the last one in the kitchen and I always have to turn out the lights.
But I was thinking. I feel like Cinderella, always cleaning up after people. Even just the messes the kitchen makes on top of cleaning up after all the campers. And just as I was thinking this, Sami, the boss was about ready to leave the kitchen, but before she walked out the door, she yelled back over her shoulder, "Karalee, do check the laundry when you're done!"
And that's my evil mother, and all the kitchen staff bringing more and more dishes are the evil step sisters. This doesn't mean i don't like them, I do, I love all the kitchen staff and Sami is especially sweet. But at the time, in my head, it all made sense, and it felt like I was living in a fantasy.
Except for one thing.
It can't be a fantasy without a handsome prince...
hmmm... bummer.
So much for a happy ending... or maybe that makes it a happier ending...

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