Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dish Girl?

This is not how I pictured my summer going. Dishes? For 2 and 1/2 weeks! Are you kidding me?! I guess I did say I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and get a little messy... But it's the camp punishment for being late! SICK! Do I look like a dish girl to you?! Sheesh! ...Ok. It's not that bad. It really isn't. But whenever anyone sees me doing dishes they think I got in trouble. They never believe me when I tell them it's my new job. How did I go from counselor, to child care/ dock worker, to dish girl?! Really?
This morning no one showed up to help me do the breakfast dishes, so random parents came in when they saw me getting really behind. I appreciate it SO much! They have NO idea the difference just one person makes! It makes me beam to see all of them just willingly and joyously come help me.
After lunch I had a little kid in the dish room "helping me," using the sprayer, when all of a sudden the whole medal pipe popped off and water was going everywhere! I ran in to turn the handle off, and turned to look at the little boy. He was stunned. He put his hand to his head in total shock. I asked him if he was ok, and he just shook his head and said, "I'm soaked!"
"Yeah you are! Me too!" Then he turned and walked out, with this look of horror on his face and his hand still plastered to his forehead. I went out a little while later to check on him and he was balling, I told him we were getting it fixed and it really was no hassle. He probably wasn't too concerned about the pipe that broke, more that all the KP boat staff were laughing at him. Poor guy.
Then tonight I got the most disgusting plate with ketchup, mustard, melted chocolate and ice cream covering it all. I dared one of the staff helping me to lick it. The deal was if he licked it, I had to lick it, and if either of us didn't stick to the deal, we'd spray the other person. Well, he licked it. Barely. So I went down to barely lick it, but he pushed the plate into my chin and got this nasty goop all over my nose and in my mouth and on my chin. SICK! So, I sprayed him with the sprayer and he splashed me with soapy water, and we got into a huge water fight, but overall it was fun. Who knew dishes could be so exhilarating... and so funny. Ha! Today was good.
Dish girl? Well it's not so bad.

...Oh, and I would recommend never eating a lemon that has already gone through the disposal... yeah.

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