Sunday, August 14, 2011


I went diving today, and it felt so good. Diving meaning nothing special, just diving. Standing on the dock and diving head first into the water. Then doing it again. And again, and again. Then jumping and diving, then walking and diving, then running and diving, pretty soon I'm going to master the superman look in the air and maybe a backflip dive.
It feels so good. It's just so fun and I can't explain it. It's scary at first. The water's so deep and dark. What's lurking underneath? What if you hit your head on the dock? What if you bellyflop?! how embarrassing! What if on your way down, you hit this ginormous fish, that starts attacking you... but once you get over all these fears and just do it, it's a blast!

People ask me all the time where I'm going to school, if I'm doing jumpstart, what my major is, where I'm living, what job will I have, am I going to be a student missionary?, am I coming back to camp next summer?... III! It's scary cause I don't have any solid answers to these questions. "I think so"... "maybe?"... "we'll see"... "uh... ask me tomorrow"..."sure??..."
I think it's about time I start running, maybe even pick up some speed, spread my arms like superman and dive straight into a marvelous new adventure of the unknown, purely on the faith that I'll come up for air on the other side.

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