Friday, August 26, 2011

just yesterday

Yesterday I visited UCA and it was weird. I finally know what all those alumni are talking about when they say they come back and it's just not the same, just... weird.
It feels like it's still MY school, like I'm still a student there... but then why am I not in classes?

It was the period right before band and I remember as a junior heading over to gymnastics, and last year walking from the piano room back to the dorm for a period before Choraliers. The new list of Choraliers had just been posted all over the school, and I remember last year feeling SO intimidated on my first day.

I remember so many random memories. Looking at this picture makes me recall the R.A.'s party on the roof one of the last nights of school with sparkling cider, and playing tennis with Kaci after dinner, and hiding my jacket behind the school sign when I went running because my clothes were unapproved, freezing on the bleachers while watching the football games, trying to play frisbee golf with Sprack and Elliott, climbing the water tower, Spanish class inside jokes "no se", treasure hunts all around campus, running and screaming through the ad building and jumping off the front stairs after my very last class, biking on the sidewalks, walking to Derek's house for the superbowl, walking with Soule from his office back to his house and talking just about life...

All these things hit me hard when I went back. I'm never going to be in Choraliers again, or go on tours, I'm never going to play basketball on a team again, I'm never going to sing for Amateur Hour or Senior Rec or Graduation, I'm never going to run to Liberty from Spangle, never going to do track and field again, never going to play tennis there, or sneak away to get Spangle Foods $1 coffee, or go the the Harvester with Soule', or make omlets at midnight, or watch movies till 2 in the morning, or sleep out on the field, or star gaze... it's over. I just can't believe it. I never wanted it to end, but I'd never want to go back either. It's the people that make it what it was, and now most the people are gone.

This is pathetic, so I guess I better get over it. Right.

Hello Freedom! Hello Walla Walla!

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