Tuesday, August 23, 2011

For lack of a better word-- Bjjjjssh!

It’s like wearing something for the first time, or something that’s not yours. You have this certain confidence in yourself that’s lacking otherwise. Your shoulders float back, your head is high, your nose is up. Or maybe it wasn’t the artsy look of the denim button skirt, with a loose, striped, sequence-y shirt that did it for me. Maybe it was the side pony tail that pulled it all together. Whatever it was, it made me happy and I could hold my head a little higher today.
I watered the garden this morning, and all the flowers and trees in pots around the house.
I made cappuccino muffins with chocolate chips for breakfast, and ate delicious blueberries with them.
Then I jumped in the shower, jumped in the car and took off to meet up with friends in town.
We sat and talked for a bit, and then I headed to Target just 'cause I could.
Then I headed to Borders. I stayed for a good solid hour… maybe more. And I left with a cupcake baking book and one of my favorite story books, “Tuesday’s with Morrie” both birthday presents for good friends. I felt so creative as I dropped off my books at my car. Borders has that effect I suspect.
Then I walked over to TJ Maxx… favorite store ever! However, I didn’t get much. It did spark a creative idea for a new shirt I’m going to work on this week. So excited to get started.
Then I went to see my mom’s new office.
Afterwards I headed to pick up ingredients for dinner-- garlic bread pizza… it’s exactly what it sounds like, delish. I felt so old walking through the store with my groceries… I got a taste of what next month is going to feel like, buying my own groceries, paying for my own house, living in a house with my sister, a real college student. Sheesh! so crazy!
So maybe I drove a little faster than I should’ve on the highway home. The sunroof rolled back, windows rolled down. The sun glared on my windshield. Trees on one side of the road, field on the other, sun going down over the mountains in front, music louder than normal shouting out “This has gotta be a good life!” I sang at the top of my lungs, and for once, it totally didn’t matter if I was completely off pitch, or my voice cracked, or whatnot, I was just singing ‘cause I felt it in my being. I just felt, creative, artsy, old, and free. Kind of like I knew exactly who I was for once, without any doubt or questioning. So I drove and I sang. And I wanted to put my hands up and shout it out, “THIS HAS GOTTA BE A GOOD LIFE! A GOOD GOOD LIFE!”
I got home and made my garlic bread pizza, and it turned out delicious.
I didn’t even have to go Starbucks today, although that probably would’ve only enhanced my mood.
And now I’m going to read and knit and take pictures and listen to music.
And tomorrow I’m going to sew, and do laundry, and clean, and water the garden, and go for a run, and take the dog for a walk, and call a friend and catch up, and send picture texts to Cassie all day, and do a crazy hard ab workout, and make coffee, and play the piano and maybe guitar, and figure out my classes for WWU, and apply for a million and one jobs, and relax and take a nap, and do my hair in a new artsy way again, and dress nice even though I’m home alone, and create a picture perfect piece of artwork on a shirt, because getting the creative juices flowing spills out more good in this life.
“…I would take you to the eweb fountain and we would run through them and we’d go to 5th street market and eat Mediterranean food and look at all the shops and go to the lake (and the ocean and slide down the sandunes) and go downtown and observe the hippies. :D” --Cassandra Stenquist
That text just makes me go bjjjjsh! Shwow! Yes please! Sounds heavenly! And now I have plans for some day in the near future when I spontaneously visit Eugene Oregon. YES! THIS IS A GOOD LIFE!

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