Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A day in the life of Karalee Rhuman

A peak into my life at camp, not that it's interesting or anything.

6:30- Rise and shine! P90X with Alex and Caressa.
7:30- Staff worship
8:00- Breakfast
9:45- Make my happy coffee
10:00- Camp council
10:30- Stretch, run 4 miles, stretch
11:50- Jump in lake (so nice!)
12:00- Shower
12:15- Lunch (sometimes eat halves of watermelon)
12:30- Dishes again! Horray!
2:30- Ceramics and random bits of fun with friends
5:30- Dinner
5:45- Dishes
7:30- Blog, or watch volleyball, or play piano or random things
8:00- Campfire
9:00- Maybe get an italian soda, or lay on the dock with friends, or swim, or just talk, or bake, or sleep
10:00- Get ready for sleep
10:30- I'm out

Today, I look at this list and I feel pretty accomplished. What a life eh? I have it pretty easy I'd say. I'm thankful.

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