Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gus the GoPro & GaGa the... Spazy Subaru

Photo Credit: Gus The GoPro (Logan Carter)

How do you wake Lady GaGa up???? ...Pokerface! Ha!
What's Lady GaGa's favorite meat? ...Raw Raw oooolala...

Today I went rafting with a few friends... it was.... interesting. For lots of different reasons really. I wish I would've been there more of the time, if that makes sense. I drifted off into my own thinking probably about half of the time. It would've been a lot more fun if I would've been there completely. Hmmmm... I'm not quite sure how to describe this adventure. Peaceful, yes. Adventurous, yes. Cold, yes. Hilarious, yes. Stupendous? astounding? terrrriffffic?...yes!

It was Groovy!

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