Monday, September 26, 2011

Puzzle Piece

An excerpt from the paper I wrote for Bible class today:
Starting my Senior year, I was an R.A. for the dorm. I felt obligated to not just know God, but to REALLY know Him enough to lead others to him. So I started the search. And in all honesty I’m still searching, still struggling. It’s been a little over a full year now, and I still can’t seem to find Him. What do I need to do? How? Where do I turn? Even after 12 weeks full of fun at Mivoden, the place God supposedly goes for the summer, I can’t see Him. Even after the miracle with Josh. Even after the tear filled Friday nights surrounded by fire light and my campers with incredibly inspiring stories, I’ve got nothing. It’s like somewhere along the line I just kind of ran off the road map and got lost in the confusion of the rest of the world. So now, I guess I’m just waiting for Him to find ME.
And Rob Bell says this to that:
"Elijah looked for God in all the wrong places, in the wind, earthquakes, and fire. But it's in the SILENCE when you hear God's voice."
What is it about this piece of the puzzle that just never seems to find its spot in my life?

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