Sunday, September 4, 2011


I was laying out out my towl in the lawn inbetween lakefront rooms and the lake on the other side. It was sunny and bright, but not hot, and there was a small breeze, but it wasn't cold. It was perfect, perfect temperature, perfect everything. I lay out there reading and thinking. I looked back on my day:

Dishes in the morning stacked as high as the sky because the night before, my night off, no one did any. I was stressing out and not sure if I'd make it out of there by lunch when I had to be back to do more dishes. A lady walked in and said, "Wow. You need help, let me get you some more volunteers." So she walked out and grabbed the mic and announced that the dish room girl needed lots of help this morning. At least 10 volunteers showed up. Wow. That sure made me happy. Even if 1 person volunteers, I can't even describe how appreciative I am. Next year, I'll be sure to help out in the dish room when I can. I was done at 9:40 the quickest all week, and I made it to camp council.

Dishes at lunch... a few old, single ladies, that were signed up to help. They were grumpy and grouchy to each other and to me. "I sure hope I don't have to do ALL those dishes!" One said. Well if you don't do them, who's gonna? Me? Yep, you're right. Thanks. You're so kind. Bah! Another one said, "You're just in the way! If you're not going to be helping GET OUT!" Sheesh! They're just TRYING to help lady! As they continued to bicker it was a painful afternoon, but we finally got them finished... well, I ended up finishing everything.

So as I sat on my towl, I thought. I am SO selfish! I hated having those ladies in the dish room with me. They completely ruined my day... well, that's what I thought at the time, but it turned out to be pretty good. I wanted to scream back at that lady, "YOU GET OUT!" But, HELLO! they're HELPIG ME! Where is my gratitude and appreciation that I show to everyone else who walks in and helps. Well maybe if they didn't gripe and complain so much... Nah, I am SO selfish. Bah! So I started over.

God, thank you for the trees that provide shade on a hot day. Thank you for the grass tickling my feet. Thank you for the sun making the perfect temperature today, and the breeze that cools things off and makes my hair fly and go free. Thank you for Mivoden. I'm almost done here, but it has been one of the best summers of my life. Thank you for the ants crawling on my towl, they're gross, but you're smarter than me. You have SOME reason for creating them. Thank you for friendships. Thank you for service. Thank you for such an abundant filled life. Thank you for dying to save me. Thank you.

Getting rid of the selFISH and becoming selfLESS.

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