Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's 3 AM and I can't sleep. My brain is speeding at 100 mph.
-How am I going to get my bike there?
-Should I just walk to school?
-I need a bike lock.
-I'm going to be gone all tomorrow. Shoot. I need to finish packing.
-I need to finish my resume and cover letter.
-I need to do laundry.
-Will Grandma let me eat at her house this week?
-I wonder if she has any odd jobs for me to do?
I toss and turn, it's too hot...
-Maybe I am going to be crying and calling home asking for help. I thought I could handle this. Maybe not.
-I have to get all that financial stuff done by Wednesday.
-I have to set up a bank account.
-I REALLY need a job.
-I thought next week was going to be easy, just a fun relaxing social week. Sheesh! I won't have ANY time for socializing.
-I need to write a letter to Kessiah.
-I have to move my bed into my house.
-What am I going to do with all my stuff? Ahhh!
-Good thing by working a few hours tomorrow I get paid $100. That should buy my groceries and gas for this week, right?
-What if the homeworks hard and I have NO TIME for friends?
-Gah, my sister said she wakes up super early and goes to bed super early, I have to do that too?
-When am I going to have time to finish all this stuff by Sunday AND have time to get there and unpack and move in and find a job and finish all my forms, and...
-Sheesh! All this brain power and I'm starting to get hungry. What am I going to eat this next week? How do I have money for this without a job! Ahhh!
-About an hr or so left before someone wakes up in this house. Maybe I should start working on everything now...
-Oh dear. Maybe this isn't such a fantastic thing. Moving out that is.
-I'm going to be dead tomorrow.
-Well... Happy Sabbath.

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