Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good as Gold

Photographs by Caressa Rogers
Today was good. All 16 & 1/2 hours of it. I woke up at 6:30 to go with my dad to take my brother into school. My brother made me laugh when we dropped him off and he started flirting with a girl as she walked through the door. Oh gosh, Ben trying to pick up a babe young! Sheesh! Did he not learn from his sisters? Patience is key... Guess not.
So my dad and I had an hour to spare until my doctors appointment. He asked if I was hungry. "Nope, already ate." He almost asked if I wanted coffee but decided that probably wouldn't be the best idea since I was going to the doctors office and they were going to check my blood sugar. Then he asked if I wanted a donut. "Yeah, cause that's better than coffee..." But I knew he loves donuts so I agreed, or maybe he just drove there, one or the other. We ended up at Davis Donuts, the only donut shop I know of in town. He ordered his traditional apple fridder, and I looked for something chocolate, but changed my mind when I saw something blueberry. He asked again if I wanted coffee. "Eh, sure, why not. Go big or go home right?" So I got a mocha with a caramel espresso shot. My dad ordered some chocolate milk. We found a table latched to a window in the front and we sat and talked about college, and how I guess I'm going to have to go figure everything out by myself and try to find a job so I can live. We laughed and made jokes about Ben and doctors and coffee and college. It got silent for a while and I sipped my steamy coffee that reminded me of the $1 coffee I would grab early in the morning before school at UCA down at the gas station. It was too sweet, and it made my stomach upset. I watched as my dad stared out the window, people watching. This has got to be his most favorite thing in the world. People watching, eating donuts and drinking chocolate milk. It reminded me of the Flatirons mall in Colorado where my dad would sit and people watch with me and my sister. It reminded me of the fishing trips we took when I was little and the donuts and chocolate milk we'd get to eat for breakfast 'cause we left so early in the morning. It made me get all warm and happy on the inside, and I wondered what dad was thinking about. Does he realize his little girl isn't so little anymore? That I'm off to college, 18, and completely capable of handling this big, bad world alone? And if I'm not, I'm going to have to learn how pretty quick.
We went to my doctors appointment. We drove around town. My dad likes to putz and go inside every place we drive past if he can think of something interesting inside worth looking at. "I'm just comparing the price" he says. I forgot how my dad does errands. It's been awhile since I've gone with him. Probably 3-4 years now.

I look back on the day as a whole now and it was really good. Surprisingly good. Like, the best day I've had with my family in a long time. Maybe a good 3 years or more. We joked like a family, we laughed like a family, we talked like a family. No one accused anyone for anything, no one spoke harshly, no one critisized, or made fun of someone enough to hurt feelings, no one insulted, no one raised their voices, no one made put downs or turned a cold sholder. It was like a day inside the smiling pictures, but it wasn't fake. I was treated like an adult, with an opinion worth hearing, like I really was worth something. And that to me, is pure gold.

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