Monday, October 3, 2011


Tonight a friend of mine who just got back from Omatako, Namibia (the exact same site I went to in March) finally got the chance to sit down and catch me up on her African adventure. She had only been there for a month, since things hadn't worked out as planned. Originally she was planning on staying for the entire year to teach English at the school we built. She only taught for about a week. We were in the middle of talking about teaching, when all of a sudden she burst out, "OH MY GOODNESS KARALEE! Did I tell you? The kids asked for you! When I first got there, they actually asked for YOU! They remembered your name! They were like, 'Is Geoff, Rachel and Karalee coming?' Isn't that SO cool!" I about flipped!
Can you even imagine?! They remember me! We had THAT MUCH of an impact on their lives! They even remember MY NAME! I made a difference in someone's life! HALF-WAY ACROSS THE WORLD! Oh Sylma, Maria, Tome', Jacob, Yohannes, and Marta! YOU bring so much JOY to those of US HALF-WAY ACROSS THE WORLD!

You have no idea how incredible that feels.

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