Friday, November 25, 2011

I use to paint all the time when I was little. I used up all the watercolors my mom would give to me to make a huge smeared mesh of them all, but it was beautiful to me. And the murky water I'd wash my brushes in, was a blast to watch the colors change each time I dipped my brush in for a rinse. I'd make cards for people, or paint pictures for mommy and daddy. One of them was of the house my dad built for us in Brighton, Colorado and he actually has it framed now, hanging on a wall in his bedroom. I'm not sure why I stopped. When did I become too old or too cool or too busy to paint? Not sure. But today I totally relived those days, and boy it was fun!
This was my painting abode today. All set up with everything I could need.

This was our tree hunting this morning.
I always seem to get the honor of sawing the tree until it falls. Woohoo!

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