Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Sun, Wind, and Leaves.

All day today my mind was consumed in the sun, and the wind, and the leaves. It's like these leaves are constantly falling. And not just on campus, EVERYWHERE! I wonder if there will be any left to fall for tomorrow. I felt like I was walking, driving and running on a bed of leaves, like a golden road, or a puzzle with all the pieces connected. It was almost so good you could taste it. Made me think of a buttery, warm biscuit, or a lemon meringue pie (I don't care for lemon, but it sounds like it would be good). They just lay so peacefully entertwined. There life is so easy, grow and become pretty, and once they've bloomed to their full potential, die, and fall. But even when they're dead, they're still gorgeous. They make the world an appealing place to live in.
I ran for about an hour today, which while I was running, didn't feel like that long. My ipod is dead, and my ear phones have gone missing so I've had to run without it the last couple times. It feels weird, sort of like a piece is missing and I've forgotten some citical, important rule while running. But it's nice, because you can hear yourself think. And you hear the wind, and the leaves seem to swarm around you making their own conversation, embracing you in their presence. I find my thoughts bouncing around in my head and never landing, just constantly running, driving me mad. Forcing me to write them down and get them out. Making room for new ideas. I find my thoughts often reminding me of Emily Dickinson. And don't get me wrong, I love Emily Dickinson. She wrote some of my favorite poems. But, I don't think thinking the way she did, can be a good thing. She might have been a bit crazy, and a little depressed. Or maybe she just new more about the world then the rest of us. Maybe I'm going crazy. Sometimes I seriously wonder. I found myself enjoying my walk around the block to cool down so much, that I decided to do it again. And again. The dizzy and confused feeling I got earlier in the day came back, and my eyesight got a little blurry but I just kept going around. Maybe that's my hereditary alzheimer genes kicking in. Maybe I'm dying.Or maybe, I'm just living.Maybe that's what makes the journey better. Sturggles, difficulties you must overcome, all the while enjoying what you've got. The sun, the wind, and the leaves. And so I walked around the block again and again, enjoying the warm sunshine, and the chattering of refreshing wind among the swirling leaves in all its glory.

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