Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cairo, Egypt

I remember learning all about the horrible slavery in Egypt, seeing the pictures of great big pyramids, and memorizing all the names of the emperors in the land, back in 6th grade. The mummification process was always the worst, absolutely disgusting! Brains out the nose!?! SICK! But even still, it sort of intrigues me. Those HUGE masterpieces of art. All the work and energy put into them! I wonder what it would've been to live back then? It's always been a topic of interest and I've ALWAYS had a secret dream to visit.
Friday I went to the Student Missions office to find out a little more about this idea of traveling to Egypt next year. Turns out they were closed, but they did give me a name of one girl who had gone two years ago as a student missionary. I went to the dorm to track her down and spent a good portion of my afternoon discussing it. She gave me a LOT of information. She told me you see camels and donkeys walking everywhere, all the time! How cool is that?! The only thing I found sort of dissapointing is the fact that the school we'd teach at is on the outskirts of Cairo, pretty dang close to the city, and there's constantly TONS of cars going through the campus. Not only that, the air is FULL of smog, all the time! And sometimes, it even seems hard to breath.
The place I have in my mind is desolate, far away from any other existing colony of people besides those on campus. The fact that they'd send me to a huge city was a dissapointment. It didn't totally rule Egypt out for me, but it did open my eyes to new possibilities. I'm excited to see what happens.

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