Sunday, December 11, 2011


I look around me and all I find are outstanding people. I have wonderful best friends! One can play the piano like no ones business, one can sing and write songs better than anyone on the radio, one can get a 100% in her Chemistry class for the quarter, one can paint and actually make money for it, one is SO on fire for God, one is so determined and in shape, one wrote a book and got it published, one can swim probably a million miles, one can do any type of watersport you name, one competes in ski competitions everywhere, one travels and knows SO MUCH about the world, one plays basketball with everything she's got...
But what about me? I want to be outstanding too. I want to have one solid quality that really stands out! I get pretty good grades, I sing for things occasionally, I use to do musicals and plays all the time, I know HOW to play piano, I try to paint, I like wakeboarding and surfing, I sew, I bake and cook (some things better than others), I LOVE to travel, English is my favorite class, I got MVP award for my basketball team last year, but that's on the small spectrum of things. Putting all this stuff on a line graph would be pretty boring. I'm not really better at anything, it's all just pretty average. I want to be the best at something at Walla Walla Universtiy, or in the northwest, or in the whole United States, or even in the WORLD! I want to be GREAT!

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  1. I love the passion in this post....and I love your desire to do something great!! GREAT!
    I think what you do so great is something that is often more important than singing and bball and writing. You have an amazing gift with people..making them feel special. And happy. And joyful. Wherever you are you bring warmth and joy. I mean it. And that is So the person with you.