Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ice Cream, Snacks, and Starbucks.

I remember being little and going to the doctor so they could stick a cotton swab down my throat and officially pronounce the verdict: Strep throat. I didn't need to go through that experience to know it. Trust me, if you've had strep before, you KNOW if you ever have it again. I would keep my mouth closed for as long as I could. Once the doctor got tired of playing the game and started to get grouchy, I'd give into opening it. I would pull away before the stick got even close to touching my tonsils. Even just the thought made me want to gag. Finally my mom would say, "Karalee, if you open up and let the doctor do what she needs to do, we'll go get ice cream after this." Just the thing for a sick kid, right? I'd immediately give in and tough it out. Funny how that works when you're a kid.

Monday I took the kids out to meet their parents after school as usual. They were rambunctious and awful rowdy, running, tugging, hiding and pushing each other around. I couldn't understand the point of their game... it looked pretty dangerous to me. Emma, my favorite student (but no teacher has favorites right?), ran over to me and said rather sorrowfully, "Look at me. I'm all wet. They pushed me in the puddle." I looked down at her pants, saggy from the weight of the water. Her long, white sleeves looked wet and splashed with mud.
"Are you ok?" I asked.
She looked to the ground and I thought she might cry. I put my arm around her and she looked up after a while and said, "Yeah, I'm ok." Like any tough girl would. The boys that had pushed her felt the need to come over and put their two cents in, full of excuses.
"Well she was pushing ME!" and "She started it!" I never accused anyone, but I knew it was an accident, and Emma had just slipped from the playful push.
I took the kids to after school care, and as I stood in line waiting for them to get checked in, Gabrielle spoke up, "Are you ok Emma? It was just horrible what those boys did to you. If I had money I'd buy you a snack." Apparently snacks fix everything at that age. A smile slid across my face.
If only life were that simple! Could someone PLEASE give me SOMETHING to make up for the HORRIBLE SINS in the world. Just to take them away! To help me give them up and let them go! OUT OF MY SIGHT! If only the world still worked like that... I'd like Starbucks please.

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