Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hold My Hand

Over break I stayed at Shannon's house for the weekend and we would go over to her grandparents house to hot tubb and cook. We showed up, unannounced Sunday evening to find her two little cousins visiting Grandpa and Grandma. You could tell those kids had too much energy, and they were sucking the life out of Shannon's grandparents. So we took them for a bit and played hide and seek. The little one stuck her hands in the air to tell me she wanted me to carry her, then she pointed at where we should hide. We hid in a small closet with hardly enough room for her, let alone me. The next time, we hid in the bathroom behind the door. Pretty soon Belle, the older one was pulling on my hand shouting, "Come hide with MEEEE now! Come hide!!!" So we trekked up the stairs, into the dark closet. A random blanket was lying in the corner, so I grabbed it and pulled it over us. We huddled close together and sat in a vast silence.
Waiting --to be found.
She suddenly grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight.
We stayed in that position until the two seekers finally burst through the door, turned on the light, and pulled off the covers. Then we laughed and laughed.

I'm thankful for those people in my life that squeeze my hand, just at the right time. I trust that they won't let go even through the longest wait. They encourage and support me through the darkest times, holding tightly, gripping firmly to the faith that I WILL be found. And then we'll laugh and laugh.

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