Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bowl of Ice

I remember being young and sitting next to a bowl full of ice to help me fight sleep. The movie would almost be at the good part and I'd try SO hard to keep my eyes open like my friends.
Man, sleepovers were the best.
I love sleepovers! I love going to my grandma's house to stay with my sister in her soft, comfy bed. I love having friends come to my house and sleep in the bed next to mine. I love lying there in the dark and spilling secrets, insecurities, dreams, inspirations, goals... I love watching people wake up with bed head hair and squinty eyes. It makes me grin.
I feel like I have lots of sleepovers these days. But I always forget to bring the ice.
These days, I wander through my day to day life without it. Sleepy, a bit lazy, drained, just completely out of it. Sort of like being poisoned. I think it's the poison of the world that's finally getting to my head. I had a friend point that out to me tonight, and I think it's time I grab my bowl and fill it up again.

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