Sunday, March 18, 2012

Give me CAMP!

Contracts for camp have all been sent out and I’m starting to receive exciting texts and calls from friends that got a summer job working out at Mivoden. And unfortunately there are the horribly heartbreaking texts that say “I didn’t get hired…” and replying to that is always tough.
All I can think about is SUMMER! I am EXTATIC! This summer is bound to be even better than my first! I really know what I’m getting myself into, I’ve already established relationships with the campers, and staff, my favorite 3rd and 4th graders are coming, I’m going to get my lifeguarding and my best friend got hired too! I can hardly stand to wait!
Talking for hours to Shannon on the phone about what to expect, and how much fun it is, gets us both pumped and brings back a flood of fond memories.
I remember lying out under the stars on warm nights with my feet hanging off the side of the dock into the cool water. The creaky sound of the dock as the waves shifted underneath it, rocking us back and forth, luring Elise and I to sleep. We’d see at least 1 shooting star every 10
minutes. It was incredible.
Leaving my girls with my sister at lunch and rushing to the kitchen to steal a watermelon and eat it on the dock with Syd every now and then.
Sleeping under the clear sky out on the deck with the girls or in the grass almost every night and waking up to the sun creeping over the hillside.
Midnight adventures with my campers and Jon, running around camp on a “secret mission” to discover secret treasure (AKA ice cream).
Worship on the dock.
Deep conversations in the hot tub.
Girl crying on the bathroom floor –with a heart wrenching story that changed my life.
Friday nights around the fire.
Staff parties, awards and surprises.
Raising the pants, woops I mean flag, before firebowl.
Hawaiian Haystacks and grasshopper pie on a Sabbath afternoon.
Eating disgusting food competitions with Timmy.
A little kids face after the sprayer in the the dish rooms hose popped off and water spewed everywhere.
4 mile runs everyday and a dip in the lake afterwards.
Coffee at morning camp council.
P90X with Alex and Caressa at 6.
Zip-lining, swimming, the giant swing, ultimate Frisbee, archery, praise group, special music, tanning, picnics, banquets, pranks, surfing, flash mob, medic, volleyball, ice cream, and THE KIDS.

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