Saturday, March 17, 2012

Not Fair but Fortunate.

It’s not really fair.
My best friend is in Mexico right now. My sister is in India. Two of my friends are on a cruise from Florida down to the Bahamas. One is leaving for Missouri in a few days, another to Seattle. Some are road tripping to Colorado. One is in Washington D.C., another to some exotic country far away, and it feels like a handful went down to California to rock climb, and visit family. A few are in Honduras on a mission trip and I’m sure some are probably in Guam or some island vacation like Hawaii. They’re ALL on vacation, and when they all get back I’m going to look even whiter than I feel.
What do I get to do, while they’re all having the time of their lives? Sit in a house without internet, and die of boredom. L-A-M-E. It's not even sunny here in Couer d'Alene, and sitting in coffee shops writing is sort of gloomy. Some consider the option of doing nothing, “relaxing” but it’s totally not. Relaxing is when you sit in the hot tub with good friends, or go on a coffee date, or walk and talk on the phone, or sit in the sun and lick a popsicle, or run during the sunrise, or sleep under the stars. Sitting at home contemplating if you should take another nap, or try to work up an appetite to WANT to bake something sweet is not relaxing, it’s BORING, and I for one, would rather be on a beach soaking in the sun and dancing to hula music. Or even back under the stormy skies of Africa, dripping from rain with arms outstretched to pure love in the form of an innocent child. And with those kids in mind, I'm thankful for my "average" lifestyle today.

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