Thursday, April 19, 2012

College Nights

I feel like today is a prime example of what college is suppose to look like. Jogging in the morning at 7, a smoothie afterwards and class till 2. Work from 2-4, and then a surprise visit from a good friend who came and made me a frappacino at my house while I was doing dishes that have been sitting in the sink for almost a week. Rushing off to play soccer on my intramurals team. SO fun! Racing off to class at 6 to go till 8. Bowling right after until 10:30. Haagen dazs coffee ice cream. Consume the whole pint by myself (only the second time I've ever ate a pint of ice cream in one sitting in my entire life... awesome!). Back to my house at midnight feeling really energized, but really just wanting to puke. Bed time calls my name now, and we'll start the cycle again tomorrow, except next time with a bit more homework in the picture.

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