Thursday, May 10, 2012

Charcoaled Toes and a Beaming Grams

When my toes aren't elevated, they're black. I got an X-ray today and I'll know tomorrow if my ankle is broken. I went to the Dr. again today and he wasn't concerned hardly at all about my ankle, but more worried about my freezing, dark, toes. He said if the swelling doesn't go down in the next few days, I might have to get rid of some toes next week. So I have to keep them elevated, basically at all times possible. So... that get's me out of classes tomorrow. Terrific.

Things in my life just seem to keep getting worse and worse, it's like there's no end. I wonder when things will start going right? But I consciously decided this morning I am going to be on top of the situation rather than beneath it, if that makes sense. I dictate my response, the situation does not control me. I can choose to enjoy the experience, even if it's a difficult one. There's always something to be learned, and more story to be added. Since I can't do much of anything on my bucketlist for this Spring quarter anymore, I've decided from now until the end of the year, everyday I am going to list my favorite thing that happened in the day.
So here it is for today:
Grandmabrought me a salad for lunch, took me to get my foot X-rayed, and then took me out to Blue Palm afterwards. I love my grandma more than she knows, and today (like everyday but especially today) I am SO SO thankful for her inspiring and beautiful character.

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