Monday, May 14, 2012

Fighting, Reviving, & Blooming

Today was sort of tough... I have spring fever and I just want to get out of my hot stuffy house and run. We have soccer and volleyball games this week. Jogging class! I'm suppose to go swimming tomorrow! Now I can't get my lifeguarding. I can't finish my "run 20 miles a week till camp" goal. I was starting to ride my bike to school to save on gas and get more exercise. All I want to do is just WALK. It's just dissapointing. I feel like all I do is eat and sleep, and lay with my foot up in the air, and do homework (which I can hardly focus on), and then wobble around awkwardly on my crutches from class to class. So lazy! Uhhhhggg, I'm already tired of it.
But I guess today wasn't all bad. I went to Blue Palm with Shannon... I know, just what I need in my sedentary state. I had greek salad outside with my sister, which was nice to. 1 because I've really been craving greek salad, and 2 because I feel like, although my sister and I live in the same house, we never see each other, and to eat dinner together is a rare occasion. We only have a month left of our lives to live together, and then we're on our seperate ways... So today was another day worth living. My life is great!
And the poor wilted flower from outside my house yesterday, is revived and back to life, like I will be SOON! What a great hope and inspiration! What a fighter, that flower! It's pot is planted right next to my door, so every time I come home I check on it, and it reminds me that I'm a fighter also, and I'll be blooming again soon too!

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