Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good News!

Yesterday I went to the orthopedist. He said what happened to me was a freak accident and he'd never seen anything like this happen before. A fractured fibula from running, no twist, no fall, just a simple run... pounding my feet on the pavement... he couldn't explain it. Apparently it's the tibia that's the weight bearing bone, which explains why I could run everyday for a week on it after the break, and then run Bloomsday. To say I ran 7.46 miles on a broken leg sounds pretty hardcore, not gonna lie, but it does make me sound pretty stupid as well... The fibula basically just supports the ankle so he told me I could technically walk out of his office without crutches if I really wanted to. He told me that probably in a week or two my foot won't hurt to walk on, and I won't have to use crutches, but I should really only stop using them whenever it doesn't hurt my ankle. That's GREAT news! I was worried it was going to be six weeks with those things! Only a month probably, and I'm half way done! He said by camp I should be able to wakeboard, and if my ankle's sore, I should just use my brace! Hooraaahh!
Last night I talked to Shannon from 10:30PM-1:00AM. It was long, but it was needed. It was good too! Right up there with my good news from the doctor!
Today was pretty uneventful, but it was still excellent. I really liked talking with Janet this morning. She brought me the most beautiful, bright pink flowers! But tonight's been nice as well. I've had almost an hour to myself, just to relax. I can't remember what homework I have so I'm not going to worry about it. I'll blame it on my memory loss, and worry about it later. For now, a good nights sleep sounds wonderful.

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