Monday, May 21, 2012


Friday: SM Vespers. I might not have been able to carry a flag, but that didn't stop me from participating!
Sabbath: It was all SO good! Taught Sabbath school at the city church and sang special music with Justin and my sister. I was going to be late to sing for ICantori at the University Church, so I decided to skip out on it, and Shannon and I grabbed raspberry lemonade from out of the fridge, and went on a wheelchair run to the park and over to my grandma's for lunch. Lunch was excellent --many friends gathered. Then I had the spring concert to go to --new most embarrasing story of the year happened! And after, Elise, Shayla, and Alexa came over and made pumpkin bread (which turned out to be a mess!), and then we went and watched a girl movie at Shay's. It was an excellent day!
Sunday: Late night talk with Elise in the hot tubb.
Today: I'm sitting outside on my grandma's patio and it's absolutely gorgeous. It's rainy, cloudy, and a little chilly, but I can hear the rain pouring, and the creek gurgle as the water drifts past, and it's peaceful. I know I need to do homework, but I think I might grab a blanket and curl up on her long lawn chair to just listen to the earth, and maybe close my eyes... This is different than most days, but it's needed.

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