Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cracking Down

Studying for finals is kicking my butt. Last night I checked on my syllabus for a class and found out that the test for this class is actually on Monday, rather than Wednesday, which is what I had thought. So I have 3 finals on Monday, one of which I just started studying for 2 hours ago, and I've answered 4 questions so far on the review sheet... out of 22. Ay caramba! I have another final on Wednesday, but it should be fairly easy (hope I didn't just jinx myself), and so after Monday, life should look pretty good. I get SO bored studying, and all the people in Starbucks are SO distracting. I need more energy! That caramel macchiato didn't have enought caffine! What I really need is to go for a run, but I physically can't, so I think I might go for a swim later if time allows for it. I have 3 more hours here until friends are meeting me to do MORE studying on the same subject. Yuck. I need to take a break and do something creative. Every once in a while I'll think about camp, and my heart speeds up a bit. I just can't wait! It's so hard to focus when all I want to do is run around with my campers and swim, and lay out on the beach. I feel like so many of the staff are such good friends this year, and the counseling group is going to be a blast! It's weird to think I won't be in school next year. After this, no more studying for me for a LONG while! Sheesh! It's exciting! Get me outta here! Yes please!

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