Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today was not the same.

Today was the definition of what a day at camp is suppose to look like.
This week I've been blessed with probably one of the best cabins I'll ever have, but everything in me so far this week, has tried to hide my utter exhaustion. My campers have all noticed. One camper, the quietest and most polite of them all, actually made the comment at lunch yesterday, "We know something's bothering you... we can just tell." What? How? I asked her if it was just because I was staring off at nothing again, because, I informed her, I do that a lot. But she said I've been out of wack all week... man, what a bummer. She must have really had her hopes up for a spectacular counselor... she must have heard some really awesome things, and I feel like I'm not living up to it... and I know I've been a little less like me this week... but it's just because I'm exhausted right? That's a pretty good excuse I'd say. The quote on my dove dark chocolate from this week said, "Renew your sense of discovery" and I just wished more than anything that I could!
Today was not the same.
Today we had a water fight up on the road, and of course, being the brilliant girls that we are, none of us wore our swimsuits... we just thought we'd get a little splashed, little did we know the boys were planning a hose and trash can soaking attack. After we were all thoroughly drenched from head to toe time and time again, we all ran to the hot tub and slid right on in with all our clothes on. As we sat in the sandy, dirty brown bubbles, we giggled, and splashed and chatted... all 18 of us. It was gross, but it was fun.
The girls swam on the water toys after that, and then we headed up to enjoy a lunch full of discussing our next biggest prank... Unfortunately it was the biggest fail we've had all week, and to make up for it, we ended up just tossing pitchers of water on my cabins new favorite adopted staff member out playing volleyball. We did come up with great pranks though, that will soon be taking place, just as soon as I get back to camp.
Freezing the boys' swim trunks.
Dumping water and throwing flour.
Peanut butter and jelly FACE sandwich.
Silly string and water guns.
Toilet paper wrapping.
This week is going to be SO fun!
And sleeping under the stars on the ballfield tomorrow night! I just can't wait! I love my job! And to top it all off, in the two hours that I get for free time each day, I get to swim and tan, and play volleyball, and take naps and write letters, and e-mail people about Thailand and Costa Rica- finishing SM stuff up, and do ZUMBA! Can it get much better? Oh! I forgot! It can! Because I live on the third floor, and the hike is worth the view, because I never miss a sunset, and they're always gorgeous on the lake, with the sun setting over the mountain and the moon coming up on the other side. Camp has got to be a little piece of heaven on earth... and we wonder what keeps everyone coming back year after year... It is what it is. AWESOME.

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