Saturday, July 21, 2012

Back on the Ranch

We pulled into Steamboat Springs, Colorado around 2:30 CO time, and took off to the river around 4:00. It was in the 90’s, and we were all hot. We climbed up two fallen trees, laying one on top of the other across the river, and jumped off into the fairly shallow water, only to get swept away by the small current. Sometimes I wonder why I never spent a summer here. I wish I had.
We got back to the ranch, and I found a horse saddled up and ready to ride waiting for me. Missy is her name. She’s an old horse, but I took her out to the field, and we found our rhythm trotting, cantering, and looping. 8 years!  It felt so good to be back in the saddle, which may sound funny coming from me. On first glance, I’m sure no one would’ve guessed that horses were my cup of tea. And I thought I didn’t care one way or another about them, since I’ve grown up, and become “too mature” for those childish things… but being back here, makes me miss the 3 hour drive from Denver. I miss running into the house to get greeted with hugs and ice cream cones. I miss immediately after our greetings and snack, running out to the fence to set up camp and stand on the wooden railing to pet the horses and tell them about my day. I miss the morning rides out through the field to the river, and galloping with my trusty horse Gambler and my sister right on my tail. I miss the speed, the wind in my hair, and the risk that came with it all. I miss it, and I like it, and I want to come back, because this place is only full of the best memories!

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