Tuesday, July 24, 2012


We drove through Montana today. It was just a normal drive, nothing special. I sat in the back and played taptap on my brothers iphone, until I'd had enough of skrillex and set all the new records. I watched "Pretty Woman," and afterwards read my book with earphones in to drown out the silence. I would look up out my window every once in a while to watch the mountains pass, and to let the thoughts on the page sink in, when all of a sudden, this random thought just hit me.
There are shadows behind those trees.
I had never noticed the darkness behind each tree. Yep, sure enough... not one tree was missing a shadow! I double checked, and rechecked. How could I have never noticed the black color on all the mountains? The sun is shining down! That means there's got to be a shadow, duh! I was sure that if I hiked up that mountain, and I stumbled onto that black ground, I would fall a million miles straight down into a pit of darkness deep in the earth. That's what it looked like as we passed. And then I began to wonder why I had never seen the mountains this way before. I had always noticed the front of the trees, and there color, height and fullness. Like scoping out a Christmas tree after Thanksgiving...
Every tree has a shadow, something black and dark behind them. A whole that looks so dangerous it could suck you right in... I'm sure most people, like me, don't notice the shadow. Everyone's caught up with the beauty the tree possesses in itself. Everyone just wants to see the front of the tree, the side lit up by the sun, no one wants to shiver in the shade. The shadow is cold, and dark, and well.. just not beautiful, and who would want to see that? The trees do a pretty good job of hiding there shadow, I'd say. I almost never caught it. But, it's got to be exhausting trying to keep the shadow hidden, probably a full time job.
I just wonder how long you can run from your shadow, and pretend life is perfect and everything is beautiful. Because life is beautiful, but sometime's it can get real messy, and I'm tired.

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